Company Overview

React, Rethink, Re-Commerce

Based in the Las Colinas community of Irving, Texas, Envela Corporation (NYSE American: ELA) is the North American leader in the “re-commerce” business enabling a better world via the circular economy; empowering both buyers and sellers to extend the useful life of specialty and durable goods and to seize retail, recycling and reverse logistics opportunities in the supply chain; and ultimately enriching consumers and manufacturers alike.

Our Re-Commerce Strategy

We feel the circular economy contributes to a healthier planet, and our re-commerce opportunity is one of the most compelling aspects of our business. It’s great for the environment, because it helps to preserve the world’s natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. Re-commerce has been part of our business for more than three decades ago when the company relocated to Texas from California. In 2017 under new leadership, after years of leadership pursuing a host of uncompleted ideas, the company was determined to focus on the one thing we do best… re-commerce.

Many brands have neither the technology nor the know-how to address the challenges of re-commerce. Whether that means harvesting metals from used devices or dealing with the plastic and other components of used electronics. Our management team has extensive relevant industry knowledge and experience.

Our vision is re-commerce can save resources by saving on the water and energy used in producing typically new goods or preventing items being sent to landfills. Based on the theory that everyone should work to improve our climate future, re-commerce has becoming a core component of our focus.

Retail Services

Retail Services

Envela’s retail segment buys and sells jewelry and bullion products to individual consumers, dealers, and institutions in the United States. By employing a wide range of authenticators and experts who inspect items for authenticity and value, Envela is able to sell jewelry products including bridal jewelry, fashion jewelry, custom-made jewelry, diamonds, fine watches, and other products at substantial savings.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Envela’s commercial services segment provides solutions to businesses from across all industries seeking sustainable ways to reduce waste and protect their intellectual property and brand value. The company’s ITAD, re-marketing, and reverse supply chain services help clients maximize the value of their end-of-life electronics while safeguarding the data stored on these devices. We help companies that want to be more environmentally sound and vigilant in the area of data security.

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